Monday, February 25, 2008

S2L 1/31/08 - 2/7/08 Favorite Color Challenge

This is the picture of the lunch where we celebrated my Sister's 60th birthday. I am using pink with torn paper that is chalked. It also has an embelishment of Sisterly Love

S2L 1/10/08 - 1/17/08 Silly Picture That Makes You Smile

This is a picture in Jamaica on the "Blue Mountain" bike tour that my sisters and I took on my 60th birthday. It was a problem as the bike didn't like me and threw me off (I hadn't ridden a bike since 1955) and I hurt my leg running into the mountain. It was better than running off the edge on the mountain. Be sure to look at the bottom picture where my bike is pointing.

S2L 2/22/08 - 2/29/08 Use Special Embellishment

This is a picture from 17 years ago at my Parent's 50th Wedding anniversary before the party. As you can see, I am in to ribbon, brads, and journaling on my computer.

S2L 2/8/08 - 2/15/08 What Grateful For

This is a page dedicated to a very old friend who I first knew as a sewer. She worked for me in my old life as the owner of a fabric store back in the early 70's.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

S2L Pages from Earlier Scrapbook page 2

2nd page of layout.

S2L 2/14/08 - 2/21/08 Pages From Earlier Scrapbooks

1 page of a 2 page spread. I was 3 months and 19 days old at the time.

S2L Pages From Earlier Scrapbooks

This is a picture of me at age 16 days. I had to be taken to a professional photographer as there were no camera we know them today. It features tolle, ribbon and a cap.

S2L 1/24/08 - 1/31/08 Sports Challenge

This is a picture of the UVA Football game on October 13, 2007 where my dgd is on the left side of the V next to where the football team enters the field. She plays the clarinet. The UVA Football team went to the Gator Bowl this January 1 and she was thrilled to be marching at the parade and performing at the game.

S2L 2/8/08 - 2/15/08 Valentine Challenge

This is a page with my dgd. It fits her to a "t" as she is a real adorable girl.

Scrapping Virg

This blog is set up to display my pages that I have scrapped for the S2L Team from This is my way of working through my weight losses.

Will follow later with posts.